Using our methods and tools, we first develop the positioning and the resulting business model for the respective location, property or area in cocreative workshops together with our clients.
Then we develop a brand, communication and sales concept. The content concept refers to the possible uses of the property, also in a socio-cultural context. In the location concept, we define possibilities for structural implementation, their parameters under building law, cubatures and the matching, unique, creative attitude.
Finally, the organisational concept in the form of a master plan includes costs and revenues as well as scheduling and action planning.

TRIPLE SPRINTS by Querfeld.Design

The triple sprint as a rough and fine conception in the sprint procedure shows how we can very quickly arrive at coherent and comprehensive overall concepts for places and rooms.
In order to avoid many cumbersome loops with feedback rounds and presentations, we work together with our clients in a workshop format on the tasks at hand.

Phase I:
Joint sprint with rework

Phase II:
Joint sprint as sharpening workshop

Phase III:
Setting up the organization for the overall process and master plan

Within these triple sprints, the entire IMPACT METHOD by is processed and forms the basis for all further development phases.

IMPACT METHOD by Querfeld.Design

Our method of the 7 spheres of influence has already proven itself in many projects and is well established.
The seven fields define, quantify and qualify the necessary areas of a new or existing business model with a holistic view.
It serves as a basic guidance system, constant review, further development, questioning and elaboration of the individual building blocks necessary for a successful and sustainable local development and organization.